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100% online Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training certification.

ON MARCH 17, 2023.

300 hours

7 months duration 

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What you will learn


A deep immersion in how yoga was born

The first 5 theoretical classes discuss yoga history, explaining how the ancient practice was born and how its development is connected to the way human beings use their bodies throughout history. From the Vedas to the 21st century and the modern human, we’ll cover it all.

Solid cientific bases

From classes 6 to 10, our main focus will be establishing the science behind yoga practice. Kaiut Yoga Method is not a mystic yoga practice, but a scientific one, and we’ll explain exactly why. Neuroplasticity, the autonomic nervous system, levels of body perception, and cerebral evolution are some of the topics discussed in this portion of the training.

The fundamentals of the kaiut yoga method

Through classes 11 to 19, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of the Kaiut Yoga Method. Here’s the portion of the course that the Method itself will be detailed, exposing the principles that need to be understood to practice with consistency and be a great teacher.

Into the classroom

From classes 20 to 37, the classroom within the Kaiut Yoga teaching become our focus. We’ll talk about approaches to teach in-person, online, individual, or group classes, as well as important resources to teach such as voice, touch, presence, vision. Student management and the 100 foundational classes will be taught too!

Special guest teachers

We prepared 7 exclusive classes with guest teachers who will talk about different topics related to the natural health world, to bring a complete experience.

Daily Practice

Alongside all of the theoretical classes, you will PRACTICE EVERY DAY. You’ll have access to our 100 first classes, practicing one per day with daily podcasts from Francisco Kaiut guiding you through them.

KYB Day 1-010

Our Highlights

Why Kaiut Yoga?

Science-based method.

Our method uses scientific knowledge to build an effective practice.

Real results

More than momentaneous sensations, we deliver real results in the long term.

Yoga for all body types

We deliver real results to real people, no matter the age, weight, mobility issues, disease, or surgery history.

Function over form

In every pose, the function is much more important than the form, that is why our poses are adaptable.

Tested sequences

Our sequences were tested for more than 30 years, with proven results all over the world.


The Creator of the Method

When he was 6 years old, Francisco Kaiut was shot in the hip, which caused severe chronic pain during most of his life. To seek a natural way to heal, Francisco embarked on a knowledge journey with chiropractic, therapeutic massage, and yoga. 

Using his background in natural health, extensive research in several methods, and motivated by his chronic pain, Francisco designed a tool that can give back to our bodies and mind all the potential that nature programmed us to have.

Francisco Kaiut has created the Kaiut Yoga method with one goal: to adapt the ancient practice of yoga to the modern human being, delivering a pain-free life, with restored mobility and longevity.



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Whats included:

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Most online courses just email you several videos to watch and expect you to figure things out on your own. That is not how we do it. Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training is interactive, with direct feedback, and an engaged community. You can go at your own pace too, of course, but the live online immersion is irreplaceable.

Everything is recorded and shared with you, so if miss a class, simply catch the replay.

Yes and no. We are proud to say that we have one of the most diverse yoga communities in the world in terms of age, ethnicity, and body type. We have people from different countries and of every size, shape, and ethnicity you can think of.

Of course, you’ll meet people just like you, but you’ll also meet a diverse group of people who are completely different than you – and yet, you’ll find we’re all so similar when united through yoga. That’s the beauty of our method: it really is for everyone.

These things are not a problem, you can do our training regardless. In a typical yoga course, we’ll have students with knee problems, chronic pain, lower back issues, extra weight, anxiety, etc. In all cases, assuming your doctor approves of your practice and training, we fully support you.

Our International Certification allows you to teaching any part of the USA, Europe, and Brazil. The reason we offer that is precisely to give you the most options in terms of geography, travel, and work.

We have a Facebook group that connects all our students and teachers to be. From the moment the course starts, the conversations, questions, and community are non-stop. Even after the course, this private network of peers stays active and becomes an amazing support network for you forever.

Yes! The online experience is just incredible, and it allows us to have a bigger training team, much more feedback, and give more personal attention to everyone. The shorter sessions over a longer period of time allow for more learning, more retention, and ultimately is producing better teachers.